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Herbs in the Mix

Muira Puama | Muira Puama

Muira Puama | Muira Puama

Effect • Efficacy: Increase energy, increase energy Antidepressant action, recovery from fatigue... 

Abuta | Abuta

Abuta | Abuta

Effect • Efficacy: Menstrual problems in general General female health (hormonal balance,... 

Damiana | ダミアナ

Damiana | ダミアナ

Effect / Efficacy: Increased libido reproductive function up Antidepressant effect (enhanced euphoria)... 

Boil as it is

Each mix can be drunk by boiling 1 teaspoon (5 g) in 400 ml of water over low heat for 20 minutes. If the taste is harsh, add your favorite sweetness and drink hot or cold. This method directly conveys the effects of plants. Simple is Good!

Matcha Tonic

Pachamama Tonic Herbs…5g
Naturally cultivated matcha...4-5g
Hemp seed ... 15g
Dates ... 8-10g

In case of hot hot water ... 450ml
For cold water ... 250ml & ice ... 200g

♻️ Put it in a high-speed mixer.

This makes a drink of about 450 ml. You should be hungry enough for breakfast until lunch.

more info
  • Pachamama

    Pachamama is an ancient South American belief that refers to the earth god. A prayer of gratitude to Mother Earth God.

    Thank you Pachamama!

  • Tonic

    Tonic is a medicinal herb or a drink containing medicinal herbs that helps to tone the body.

    It\'s not a carbonated drink.

  • Herbs

    These herbs and herbs have long been revered as sacred plants in the jungles of South America. Some things are included in songs sung by jungle shamans called Icaro.

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