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By living in harmony with the stressful society of today and the crazy common sense that human beings have created, which has departed from the natural order, the mental and physical health and balance of women who are more sensitive as living things. Is definitely apt to crumble.
In the ancient beliefs of South America, the earth is likened to a mother (female), and if the earth is out of balance, it will be difficult for humankind to live. I think.
The pillar plant of this formulation is the herb Abuta, which is called the "midwife\'s herb" in the Amazon Jungle and has been used for many years before and after childbirth. Personally, when the second child was born, Abuta played an important role and continued to drink from the 37th week. Just as Amazon says, "the uterine ostium opens wide like a snake\'s mouth", and there is little labor pain. It was a super-easy private delivery in less than 40 minutes. (Be sure to contact us as there are some precautions when using it for childbirth.) It is useful because it is also effective in improving postpartum illness and producing good breast milk.
Besides that, Abuta covers all the troubles related to menstruation of women, surely adjusts the hormone balance, is effective for menopause, has the effect of softening muscles, and smoothes bowel movements. A savior herb that is versatile for all health.

Effect • Efficacy:
Menstrual problems in general
General female health (hormonal balance, menopause, breakouts due to hormonal disturbances, PMS, relieving pain in childbirth, various venereal diseases)
Antispasmodic effect, hemostatic effect, analgesic effect
Muscle relaxant action (softens muscles)
Antibacterial effect, anti-ヒスタミン effect, anti-inflammatory effect, anti-acidification effect
Abuta grows naturally in the rainforests of Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador, and is said to have been used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. As a result of research on the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects of multiple alkaloids contained in abuta, it is now used as an herb to solve women\'s problems even among herbalists in North America, and in South America it is a "midwife". Also known as "herb", it is used for tea before and after childbirth and for the treatment of women\'s diseases.

Effect / Efficacy:
Increased libido
reproductive function up
Antidepressant effect (enhanced euphoria)
Infertility treatment
Relieve constipation
diuretic effect
Aromatase inhibitor (acts to prevent breast cancer cells from proliferating)
Damiana has been treated as one of the strongest aphrodisiacs in Central America since the time of the ancient Mayan civilization, as you can see from its fascinating scent and taste. It also acts as a tonic to maintain physical and mental balance, so it was enshrined as a sacred medicine in the Maya civilization.
Since then, for over a century worldwide, the use of Damiana has been associated with increased energy and reproductive function for both men and women. Damiana\'s effects are also effective as antidepressants, tonics, diuretics, coughing drugs, and remedies, and it is said that it is also effective for mental and physical disorders caused by menopausal disorders in women, infertility, and menstrual disorders.
Dr. James Balch\'s book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, lists Damiana\'s benefits as headache relief, bedwetting control, and intestinal muscle contraction promotion. In Germany, Damiana leaves are used to relieve symptoms of menorrhagia and memory weakness, as well as hormones and tonics for the central nervous system.

Effect / Efficacy:
Muscle relaxant action (softens muscles)
Anti-inflammatory effect
Analgesic effect
Normalizing menstruation, normalizing hormone balance
Increase adrenal function
Since ancient times, the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Jungle have worshiped Chuchuwashi for medical purposes, and because of its versatile physical and spiritual effects, it has been sung as a master plant as a squid (spiritual song). Scientifically, it contains a lot of alkaloids that relieve rheumatism and joint pain and relax muscles, and also has hormonal balance adjustment effects such as aphrodisiac effect, renal function support, pain relief, immunity enhancement, and normalization of menstrual cycle. It is said that there is. It is a wonderful medicine that also has a role as a name supporter that its effects are further enhanced by blending with other herbs.

dry love
Effect / Efficacy:
Analgesic effect
Detox action
Allergy block
Antihistamine effect
Asthma treatment
Indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest have traditionally used Amor Seco as a medicinal herb and are still frequently used today. There are also indigenous people who believe that Amor Seco has a mysterious power, such as when it is used for a couple who has become ill or has entered a period of malaise, the couple will return. Scientifically amazing detox herb, blood purification, removal and purification of toxicity from the body polluted by environmental pollution and chemical product-related pollution, cleaning of ureters, treatment of uterine-related disorders and bleeding such as inflammation and irritation. Can be mentioned as the main use.

Effect / Efficacy:
Sedative effect
Antidepressant effect
mental calming effect
Nerve stabilizing effect
hypnotic effect
Analgesic effect
Increased milk production



all wild crafted in the jungle of Peru and
Brasil and Mexico

Abuta アブタ(ペルー)
Damiana ダミアナ(メキシコ)
Cat`s Claw キャッツ・クロー(ペルー)
Suma スマ(ブラジル)
Chuchuhuasi チュチュワシ(ペルー)
Amor Seco アモールセコ(ペルー)
Mulungu ムルング(ブラジル)

How to Drink

how to drink: The method of mixing 1 teaspoon (5 g) with a smoothie of about 450 ml and mixing it with a high-speed mixer is delicious, but the effect is gradually felt by continuing to drink. (Some people can feel it immediately, so it depends on the sensitivity of the person\'s body reaction)

For those who value the effect aside from the taste, the strongest effect is to boil 1 teaspoon (5 g) in 400 ml of water for 20 minutes, add sweetness to your liking, and drink it cold or hot. However, the bitterness is reasonable.

Feminine Smoothie

Rose with Sacred Feminine • Open your femininity and heart with a smoothie.

Accept with love and compassion, like Pachamama (Earth God),
To pave the way for holy femininity ...

Sacred Feminine
Rose Powder
Hemp Seeds
Macadamia Butter