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We would like to introduce the plants contained in the herb mix called O Sol of Pachamama Tonic Herbs, which is a mixture of Amazon jungle herbs. When mixed with this herb, it brings about a tremendous synergy effect, and brings about various overwhelming effects such as tonic effect (energy up), immunity up, energy up, creativity up, skin quality up. increase. There are many medicinal herbs and Chinese medicines in Japan, and there is a culture as a folk remedy for a long time, but it is no longer a modern social poison, eating habits, and as a human being (only occasionally or on weekends). A lifestyle that is separated from daily contact with nature (not something like that) slows down the five senses, weakens immunity, becomes allergic, and relies on Western medicine ...

I think it is a fact that the power of plants, which grow naturally in a rather comfortable land in Japan, is not enough to make up for it. (Plants grown in a hard environment create various ingredients as protection equivalent to that)

Muira Puama

Effect • Efficacy:
Increase energy, increase energy
Antidepressant action, recovery from fatigue
Nerve stabilizing effect
Memory improvement
As the strongest energy tonic in the Amazon, it has been popular with the indigenous peoples of South America since ancient times, and is now called the Viagra of the Amazon. Not only the effects of recovery from fatigue, improvement of sexual function, and improvement of nerve muscle function, but also improvement of discomfort associated with menstruation, depression, hair loss, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and rheumatism have been confirmed. A study in the United States also says that it lowers body fat percentage, builds lean muscle, and lowers cholesterol.

Effect / Efficacy:
Increased libido
reproductive function up
Antidepressant effect (enhanced euphoria)
Infertility treatment
Relieve constipation
diuretic effect
Aromatase inhibitor (acts to prevent breast cancer cells from proliferating)

Damiana has been treated as one of the strongest aphrodisiacs in Central America since the time of the ancient Mayan civilization, as you can see from its fascinating scent and taste. It also acts as a tonic to maintain physical and mental balance, so it was enshrined as a sacred medicine in the Maya civilization.
Since then, for over a century worldwide, the use of Damiana has been associated with increased energy and reproductive function for both men and women. Damiana\'s effects are also effective as antidepressants, tonics, diuretics, coughing drugs, and remedies, and it is said that it is also effective for mental and physical disorders caused by menopausal disorders in women, infertility, and menstrual disorders.
Dr. James Balch\'s book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, lists Damiana\'s benefits as headache relief, bedwetting control, and intestinal muscle contraction promotion. In Germany, Damiana leaves are used to relieve symptoms of menorrhagia and memory weakness, as well as hormones and tonics for the central nervous system.

Brazil\'s most famous Amazon aphrodisiac tonic herb. It stimulates the central nervous system, relieves tension, is effective against fatigue, memory loss, and insomnia, and is effective in maintaining the hormonal balance between men and women. In the indigenous Tupi tradition, there are so many songs praising the efficacy of Katuaba, a plant (using bark) that is said to have no side effects that have been loved for a long time. Recent studies have also paid attention to its antibacterial effect.

Huasca nail
In the Peruvian Amazon indigenous people, the Sipivo-Konivo, Klavovaska has been used as a tonic and aphrodisiac for both men and women, as a remedy for impotence and for frigidity and decreased libido in women. In Peru, Klavovaska is still actively used as one of the phytotherapy, and it is sometimes used as an action to reduce arthritis, muscle pain, rheumatism, fever, stomach strain and as a toothache reliever. Kurabowaska is a cousin of Ayahuasca, but has no hallucinogenic effects.

Cats Claw
Cat\'s claw is an old traditional herb that has been used medically since the Inca era, and has been used from ancient times to the present as a "panacea to restore the body to a normal state". According to the studies conducted so far, the six alkaloids contained in the alkaloids improve the immune function of the human body by up to 50%, improve rheumatism, low back pain, arthritis, neuralgia, etc., anti-cancer effect, and recovery from postpartum. It is said to have the effect of normalizing the menstrual cycle and has been used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon as a remedy for about 2000 years. In recent years, it has been found that it has a new function of "maintaining youthfulness", improvement of skin quality, and an effect of treating HIV to herpes.

Throughout its long history, mackerel tuna root has been considered to have a panacea effect like ginseng in South America, and is now attracting attention as an adaptogen. It is rich in 19 kinds of amino acids, large amounts of electrolytes, iron, magnesium, and vitamins, and has the property of sending oxygen to the blood at the cellular level. It also strengthens immunity and has anti-cancer effects. As a hormone secretion, nerve, musculoskeletal, and digestive system regulator, it is classified as a true adaptogen because it normalizes physical condition without exerting irritating or inhibitory effects. It is a panacea that is thought to be effective in adjusting the hormone balance of women and in menopause, and is also effective in men\'s incapacity, sexual arousal in women, and cold sensation.


all wild crafted in the jungle of Peru and
Brasil and Mexico

Muira Puama ムイラ・プアマ(ブラジル)
Catuaba カチュアバ(ブラジル)
Clavo Huasca クラボワスカ(ペルー)
Damiana ダミアナ(メキシコ)
Cat`s Claw キャッツ・クロー(ペルー)
Suma スマ(ブラジル)
Chuchuhuasi チュチュワシ(ペルー)

How to Drink

how to drink: The method of mixing 1 teaspoon (5 g) with a smoothie of about 450 ml and mixing it with a high-speed mixer is delicious, but the effect is gradually felt by continuing to drink. (Some people can feel it immediately, so it depends on the sensitivity of the person\'s body reaction)

For those who value the effect aside from the taste, the strongest effect is to boil 1 teaspoon (5 g) in 400 ml of water for 20 minutes, add sweetness to your liking, and drink it cold or hot. However, the bitterness is reasonable.

Feminine Smoothie

Rose with Sacred Feminine • Open your femininity and heart with a smoothie.

Accept with love and compassion, like Pachamama (Earth God),
To pave the way for holy femininity ...

Sacred Feminine
Rose Powder
Hemp Seeds
Macadamia Butter