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The GUARDIAN mix is a combination of Amazon herbs that protect you from the inevitable colds, flu, and "epidemic" infectious viruses of this era, and have a strong effect of repelling infiltrating bacteria. Personally, I had these symptoms for a moment when the Delta strain and others were outbreaks last summer, but I swallowed these herbs and recovered completely in a day. Of course, I usually have the strongest immunity, so there are individual differences, but it is a fact that no matter how strong the immunity is, it will be infected with bacteria, and when that happens, no sequelae will occur in a short period of time. Or the point is to repel it at a minimum.

Believe in the power of nature (placebo), as the topical injections, chemical antibiotics and horse medicines may have strong side effects (some say that they are not side effects in the first place, but the action of the medicine itself). The effect is also important for further strengthening the effect), isn\'t it the time when the jungle medicinal herbs of Amazon, which is the natural pharmacy of the earth with a strong effect that is hardly exposed in the pharmacy, are active? There is absolutely no loss in having one bottle in the family.

The recommended way to drink is to start pulling, detect symptoms of starting to take (cough, sore throat, joint pain, abnormal dullness, etc.), or start taking when someone touches someone. Take 1-2 times a day at first, and drink 3 times a day in the morning, noon and night while taking it.

Black Pico
Effect / Efficacy:
bactericidal effect
Antibacterial, antibacterial, antiviral effects
Natural antibiotics
Anti-inflammatory effect
diuretic effect
Liver protection, ulcer treatment
Normalization of the lunar cycle

Pikaopret has a long history as a drug for infectious diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections, colds, influenza, and urinary tract infections among the indigenous people of the Amazon. The fact that the plant chemical containing polyacetylene is effective against many human and animal viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds is beginning to be proven.

Effect / Efficacy:
bactericidal effect
Antibacterial, antibacterial, antiviral effects
immune strengthening
Anti-cancer effect, anti-leukemia effect
Asthma treatment
Analgesic effect
Anti-inflammatory effect
diuretic effect

Among the jungle tribes, Muryaka has long been a representative bactericidal plant medicine. It has been used as a savior for fever, asthma, malaria and many other diseases, but modern research has revealed alkaloids and plant steroids that have never been seen before, from its strong bactericidal action to anticancer and antileukemia actions. It is starting to be authenticated.

dry love
Effect / Efficacy:
Analgesic effect
Detox action
Allergy block
Antihistamine effect
Asthma treatment

Indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest have traditionally used Amor Seco as a medicinal herb and are still frequently used today. There are also indigenous people who believe that Amor Seco has a mysterious power, such as when used for a couple who has become ill or has entered a period of malaise, the couple will return. Scientifically a tremendous detox herb, blood purification, removal and purification of toxicity from the body polluted by environmental pollution and chemical product-related pollution, cleaning of the ureter, treatment of uterine-related disorders and bleeding such as inflammation and irritation. Can be mentioned as the main use.

camu camu
Amazon\'s superfruit, which contains the highest amount of vitamin C among the plants on the planet. The amount is about 60 times that of lemon and twice that of acerola, and in addition to being rich in iron, niacin, vitamin B2, phosphorus and potassium, it also contains minerals and amino acids that allow these components to be absorbed by the body. ..

Cats Claw
Cat\'s claw is an old traditional herb that has been used medically since the Inca era, and has been used from ancient times to the present as a "panacea to restore the body to a normal state". According to the research conducted so far, the six alkaloids contained in it have the effect of improving the immune function of the human body by up to 50%, improving rheumatism, low back pain, arthritis, neuralgia, etc., anticancer effect, and recovery from postpartum. It is said to have the effect of normalizing the menstrual cycle and has been used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon as a remedy for about 2000 years. In recent years, it has been found that it has a new function of "keeping youthful", improvement of skin quality, and an effect of treating HIV to herpes.



all wild crafted in the jungle of Peru and

Picao Preto ピカオプレト(ブラジル)
Mullaca ムリャカ(ペルー)
Amor Seco アモールセコ(ペルー)
Camu Camu カムカム(ペルー)
Cat`s Claw キャッツクロー(ペルー)

How to Drink

how to drink: The method of mixing 1 teaspoon (5 g) with a smoothie of about 450 ml and mixing it with a high-speed mixer is delicious, but the effect is gradually felt by continuing to drink. (Some people can feel it immediately, so it depends on the sensitivity of the person\'s body reaction)

For those who value the effect aside from the taste, the strongest effect is to boil 1 teaspoon (5 g) in 400 ml of water for 20 minutes, add sweetness to your liking, and drink it cold or hot. However, the bitterness is reasonable.

Feminine Smoothie

Rose with Sacred Feminine • Open your femininity and heart with a smoothie.

Accept with love and compassion, like Pachamama (Earth God),
To pave the way for holy femininity ...

Sacred Feminine
Rose Powder
Hemp Seeds
Macadamia Butter